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Microsoft SQL Express Edition Consulting Services

SQL Express is the compact and free version of Microsoft SQL Server. SQL Express contains all of the major database engine functionality of its big brother, but does not include some of the analytical and reporting service components. Nonetheless, SQL Express Edition can be a perfect choice for users requiring a dependable, scalable and affordable database solution.

Database applications written using SQL Express Edition can be full-featured and very powerful. In fact, the core database engine in SQL Express is identical to the engine in the enterprise version of SQL Server, which is an industry standard database solution on par with Oracle.

If you are looking for a robust yet cost-effective database management system, you should definite consider SQL Express Edition.

DB-Pros has been developing custom database application solutions with SQL Server Express Edition since it was first released in 1999 (when it was then known as MSDE, or Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine). We have the experience to allow you to receive maximum value out of SQL Express, while avoiding the pitfalls that can frequently occur from inexperience.

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