SQL Server Database Administration (DBA) Services

While some companies employ full-time IT staff members to support and manage database systems, this is not always practical for all businesses. While financial constraints can be a factor, especially at small to medium sized businesses, the fact is there is not always a true need to dedicate staff resources to such projects.

However, most database systems do need occasional administration and maintenance to keep them secure, running optimally, and up-to-date. Such tasks are the staple of a database administrator (DBA).

Large companies with lots of systems employ experienced DBAs to manage their database maintenance processes and policies. A good DBA is not often "putting out fires". Instead, the savvy DBA will analyze the system and set up triggers and notifications to alert users to issues before they become a problem.

The skilled DBA will be able to identify potential issues far in advance, so they can be addressed and resolved before they impact the business. The old adage "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" should be the motto of a good DBA. This translates to fewer problems, and less cost to the business.

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