HOA / Condo Association Database Software

HOA / Condo Association Database Software by DB-Pros was designed manage all aspects of HOA and Condo Association activity data with instant results.

No more sorting through multiple Excel files to lookup homewoner or renter/tenant contact information. Rather, this information should be at your fingertips, as well as a history of communications and a detailed account activity.

Easily look up a tenant's contact information -- quickly create a personalized letter from your saved archive of templates.
Save and Print the letter, automatically creating a time-stamped and search able database record of the communication and status.
Then add a charge to their account, a note to their file, and print an address label for the mailing. For a group or mass-mail communication, the steps are just as easy.

After seeing how quickly you can manage your organization's business, you may have difficulty going back to Excel.

HOA and Condo Association Database Software - Additional Sample Screenshots

Main Menu

Main Menu of HOA / Condo Association Tracking Database application

Manage homeowner data

Manage contact information, membership status for all home owners and tenants in your organization...

Create communications

Create custom violation and notification letter templates using your CC&R rules. Save and re-use your templates.

Send letters with tracking history

Send letters from your library or on-the-fly, with full audit trails

Easy Billing and Accounting

Manage dues, charges, fees to homeowners accounts

Create Work orders

Create Work orders add updates and print reports

Your HOA data, at your fingertips

Easily and quickly locate records using DB-Pros world class browse screens

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