Good software should adjust to fit your business -- you shouldn't
have to adjust your business to fit software.


Microsoft Access out of the box is a full-fledged relational database management system. Access natively contains all of the necessary features to create, manage and maintain any type of data a project requires. From standard contact data to complex financial or inventory data, Microsoft Access is well-suited to handle most database software situations.

Additionally, with the appropriate development processes and techniques, Access can be programmed to perform nearly any type of business logic necessary, from complex mathematic algorithms to transactional order placement and fullfillment processes.

Relational data integrity, security management, import and export capabilities, and comprehensive reporting functionalities can all be configured and managed by the Access platform.

Data can be stored internally within access, or can be remotely hosted on a server and 'accessed' by Microsoft Access. Similarly, Access can provide data in a wide variety of methods, from local hard drive access, to LAN or intranet availability, to serving data to the internet via web-based applications. When done properly, the location and source of data is completely transparent to the user. The aim of an accomplished database application developer is to achieve just such a condition, resulting in a responsive and satisfying experience to the user.

DB-Pros has significant expertise (10+ years) in developing custom Microsoft Access database solutions for a wide variety of clients from a broad range of industries. The flexible design of Access allows applications to designed and adjusted quickly and effectively, with immediate results.

There is absolutely no reason to dismiss Access as a database solution to solve and address legitimate business needs and problems. Access is in fact an extremely powerful and useful database software platform, and can be the foundation for robust and complete database application solutions.

Consider Microsoft Access the next time the need for a database solution arises. It is an extremely valuable tool in the modern database application arsenal.

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