Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Coin Catalog Pro™ - Coin Collecting Software

Q: Does Coin Catalog Pro have live pricing updates from PCGS, NGC, Numismedia, etc. ?

A: No. While some programs offer automated feeds, there are some complexities with this that are important to understand. For one, different collectors prefer different sources for their pricing data (PCGS, Numismedia, NGC, ANA, ICG). Additionally, in order to look up a particular coin price using one of these sources, you need to know the proprietary "coin number" that the 3rd party uses to identify this particular coin/mintmark/variety/error (and when new coins come out or varities are identified, the numbering scheme changes). Given multiple 3rd party pricing sources, variable numbering... you can see how this can become very restrictive, complicated and error-prone. The result can make database maintenance a much more complex activity -- and make software very difficult to use.

While there is value to automatic price updates, especially for large coin collections, one must keep in mind that investing in coins really is a long term prospect. The day-to-day fluctuations of individual coin prices are really just that. We find that annual or even longer updating of coin price data to be a much more practical (and gratifying) process for evaluating one's coin portfolio.

That being said, we are investigating possible interfaces with coin price data. Whether that is by a price import process (ie from Excel-based data), a subscription to a 3rd party source etc, remains open... Feel free to send us your suggestions. User feedback is essential to a good software product!

Q: Are all coin types pre-loaded into the database?

A: No. When you consider mintmarks, varities, errors, etc, there are literally thousands of coin types. While some users with large collections have some of every type of coin, the typical user has a much more refined collection. In fact, many users specialize in particular coin types -- indian head pennies or flying eagle cents, for example. Because different users have different needs for coin database software, Coin Catalog Pro was designed to be user-configurable and scalable. Have you ever tried to select from a drop-down list of a thousand options in a software program? Doing this repeatedly can become quite a task! With Coin Catalog Pro, you only need to select from the types or categories that apply to you. Not to mention, some people like to call things cents and others like to call them pennies! Coin Catalog Pro let's you organize your collection THE WAY YOU WANT TO. That is the beauty of a robust, customizable database software solution. It custom fits your collection!

Q: How do I remove obsolete data from the database?

A: You can remove any record from the system at any time with the Delete button or by pressing the Del or Delete key on your keyboard. Note that any image files or documents associated with the coin record will also be deleted. We recommend outputting your coin data to an Excel file from time to time to take a snapshot of your collection for backup and future analysis.

The limitations of Microsoft Excel and other coin programs become obvious quickly, however, when using properly designed database software such as Coin Catalog Pro, you will discover that the software automatically adjusts and expands to perfectly accomodate your growing collection and inventory. The possibilities and ways to use Coin Catalog Pro are truly as unique as your collection itself.

Happy Collecting (and Cataloging)!

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