HOA and Condo Association Management Software


Administration of a Homeowners Association (HOA) or Condo Association requires accurate record-keeping and accounting. Many HOA organizations suffer with inferior systems and manual processes. Some users create "homeowners association dues spreadsheets" with Microsoft Excel to try and organize information, however, these spreadsheets quickly and inevitably get out of hand. The fact is, Excel is good for number crunching, but Excel is not a database.

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Web-based HOA and Condo Association management database systems exist, but inputting your organizations information online has its limitations. These online service providers typically charge a monthly fee to use the service, however web-based applications often do not offer a great user experience.

Note: This software works as well for a large planned community as it does for a condo complex or small apartment building. As it is a true database, its performance will not be hindered by the size of data. This means quick results to your queries and instant access to your HOA data.

Start analyzing and using your HOA and Condo Association data to improve your business operations!

Software Reviews: 4/5

Microsoft Windows XP /
Server 2008 / Vista / 7 / 8

Approx. 120mb disk space
Internet connection (for licensing)
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Stop managing critical data using obsolete MS Excel files and try using a system custom built for HOA management. After using DB-Pros' HOA Database Management Software you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Benefits of DB-Pros' HOA / Condo Association Database Software:

Maintain all of your HOA / Condo Association information in one powerful software database
Search, sort and filter homeowner data instantly
Complete work order management and reporting
Generate, print and mail notifications, letters and warnings with rich-text letter templates
Create a library of form letters for easy access and distribution
Greatly improve your ability to properly manage and enforce CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions)
Directly print address labels (single or batch, supports standard Avery address labels - Avery 8160 etc.)
Automatically save copies of communications to owners account history
Track CC&R violations from initial disposition through penalty phase(s)
Manage accounting, fines, dues and payments for homeowners (with bulk billing functions)
Coordinate billing and payment of timeshare maintenance fees
Easily monitor account balances for appropriate follow-up -- no more missed payments and Excel headaches
Quickly generate trend and billing history reports -- simplify your QuickBooks™ activities
Import Owner / Tenant / Billing information from QuickBooks™, Quicken™, and other MS Excel data sources
Scalable and flexible database design can handle from one to thousands of homeowners
No monthly fees or hidden costs

Only $479.95 for a single user license! FREE support included!

LIFETIME License! / CD-ROM Available #1 Professional HOA Database Software Solution!
* Please contact us for system setup/pricing if you wish to purchase a multi-seat volume
license or manage multiple HOA organizations.