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Coin Catalog Pro™ - Coin Collecting Database Software by DB-Pros, Inc.

Coin Catalog Pro™ - Coin Collecting Software

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Coin Catalog Pro™ for the Investment-minded Numismatist


DB-PROS, Inc. proudly announces latest release of popular coin collection management software Coin Catalog Pro(tm)!

Boston, MA/PRLog.com/

With global financial markets subject to great volatility and uncertainty in these modern times, numismatists from all levels of experience have learned that the rare coin marketplace has provided a unique and lucrative means of accumulating wealth, all while having fun and learning.

Complex financial instruments and securities have proven all too risky and difficult to evaluate. However, with the proliferation of quality coin collecting information on the internet, buying and selling rare coins has become profitable and a true investment strategy (many IRA brokerages now allow Gold coins as a portfolio commodity). Why purchase a stock certificate of questionable retail value when you can hold a beautiful gold or silver product from the 1800's made with pride and technology by the United States Mint? Coins from past eras are in limited supply and can never be diluted by stock splits or printing machines.

Up to now, the coin collector had to use basic tools like notebooks and Excel spreadsheets to manage their coin investments. However, as the rare coin market has evolved, with 3rd party grading, certification and item barcode identification, a new method of tracking one's numismatic portfolio was needed.

Coin Catalog Pro is a custom designed numismatic database for managing coins as an investment portfolio. With the click of a button, statistics such as profit/loss, gain averages on groups of coins and more can be displayed to the user. Coins can be categorized and sorted by the location of purchase, grading authority, profit/loss percentage and many other criteria.

Coin Catalog Pro also has features for storing and archiving high-resolution images, certification documentation, and auction record files alongside your coins. In this way, all materials are kept in one convenient database, which greatly facilitates purchase and sale transactions.

Additonally, with precious metals achieving all time highs, the coin collector also must also have a clear understanding of the inherent value of their gold and silver bullion holdings. With this in mind, Coin Catalog Pro(tm)'s Gold and Silver Bullion Calculator was added, so that the user can quickly re-calculate his/her portofilio using the latest spot prices.

As you can see Coin Catalog Pro offers a completely new and novel approach to coin collecting and coin inventory / investment management.

Coin Collecting, often referred to as 'The Hobby of Kings', has never been as rewarding as now.

Get into the numismatic marketplace with Coin Catalog Pro and maximize your returns!

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